Your 8 Step Check List to PPC Success

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PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising has become an increasingly popular marketing strategy for businesses looking to boost their online visibility and drive more traffic to their websites. However, simply setting up a PPC campaign is not enough to ensure success. It requires careful planning, execution, and continuous optimization to achieve the desired results. In this article, we will explore the key factors that contribute to PPC success and provide actionable tips to help businesses maximize their ROI from PPC advertising

Unleash the Full Potential of Your PPC Campaign

If you don’t want to get stuck in a rut, Google AdWords is an absolute must. Embrace the competitive environment and spare no expense. AdWords can be a mighty tool and a crucial part of your successful marketing strategy.

Maybe you tried using AdWords and didn’t think it improved your business? More likely, you adopted the wrong mindset. We know that, if you approach it correctly, AdWords will transform your marketing campaign into a juggernaut in the blink of an eye.

Continue reading to learn some of the best tricks and strategies Desert Dog Marketing has to help you reap more sales and profits from AdWords than you ever imagined.

1.     Tip of the Iceberg

When it comes to search results, many failed marketing strategies take only the keywords into account. If you want to stand out and start turning your campaign into a success, pay attention to search terms and single-keyword ad groups.

We always make sure to avoid the common mistake of creating a single ad group with multiple keywords. If all of them are relevant to thead, it’ll be much harder to match the search term, click-through rates will drop, and thead will be less relevant. Don’t let that happen to you! Instead, focus on SKAG’s (single keyword ad groups) and start owning the market.

Choose only a couple of keywords and link them individually to separate ad groups. With a single keyword group, your ads will better match the keywords – that means more chances for conversion and more sales landed. Fewer keywords also mean less cost per conversion, so you’ll be saving money as you earn it.

2.     Use Google Value Track Parameters

Utilize Google Value Track Parameters to find out keywords with the highest sales rate and single out the most profitable among them. Once you find the most profitable keywords, concentrate on making aggressive bids exclusively on the cash-grabbers.

Explore the data in the Value Track Parameters and focus on everything that has actual practical value. Use this knowledge to better direct conversions and cut down spending on things that won’t contribute to your campaign.

Your ads have the essential function of generating clicks, but you should focus primarily on conversions that lead to sales. From our experience, the ideal deals will also earn you lifetime customers. Use the Value Track Parameters to assess the keywords that attract longer-lasting customers and put them to work.

3.     EPC Is What Counts

You’ll undoubtedly have some form of understanding of Cost Per Click (CPC) and Click Through Rate (CTR) from the start, but to optimize your ads for sales, pay close attention to your earnings per click, or EPC.

Don’t stay satisfied just with your click-through rate and cost per click – when you divide your revenue by the number of clicks (the formula for calculating EPC), the numbers might tell a different story. Knowing how much your ads are earning you per click is crucial, and it will help you adjust your campaign to maximize the revenue.

4.     Fine-Tune Your Keywords

It’s imperative to match your keywords with your search terms perfectly and precisely. To do just that, set negative keywords to the ad group level – negative keywords are the terms that, when searched for, won’t show results for your ad. Exclude irrelevant searches from your ad groups to reap the benefits of more accurate data and eliminate the expense wasted on traffic misdirected to the wrong ad group.

5.     Attract More Clicks

Your ads should be designed to generate clicks, not necessarily to land sales. To fulfill this purpose, you must make an ad that grabs the reader’s attention: appeal to their curiosity, self-interest, and even vanity, and use shock-value or a promise of direct or implied benefit.

A click-worthy ad will stand out from the rest but also have a headline that fits into a certaintype. Here are some of Desert Dog Marketing’s top picks for ad types:

  • You can do it too – present an example of a success story that would seem unlikely without the use of your product or service.
  • Discount or giveaway – free and cheaper offers will always generate clicks.
  • Fear tactics – present a bad circumstance or outcome and offer your solution.
  • Testimony – start the ad with a quote about how effective your product or service is.
  • Prediction – present a statement about future events connected to your offer.
  • Fact check – start the ad with an exclamation about a topic relevant to your product or service.

Most people will focus more on the headline than the ad body, so a good headline will most likely be the thing that makes or breaks the deal.

6.     Make a Perfect Offer

To get more conversions, fill your campaign with value and make missing out on your offers seem like a disaster. Create an abundance of CTA’s, test them out, and adjust or switch between different ones when you need to.

Your CTA must entice clicks from your audience, so tailor it to the type of customers you’re aiming for: hot customers, willing to buy, or cold customers who are just browsing. This is how we would do it:

If your target is hot customers, give them an offer of enormous value – discounts, freebies, and one-time offers that will take them straight to closing the deal.

When targeting cold customers, provide a comfortable, low-commitment free offer such as a guide, graphic, a test, or a quiz. This will help you warm them up one step at a time.

7.     Use the Phone

Phone calls still have the most effective sales rates and, depending on your business, can garner more valuable leads than email. We suggest you try it out: communicate with customers by phone to make your company more relatable, and the sales numbers will show you how efficient this technique is. Additionally, you’ll benefit from excluding people not interested in buying and those with inadequate contact information – compared to others, phone leads are an open book.

To make the most profit using phone calls, convince your potential customers that you can offer them great value, positive experience during the call, and a comfortable, non-pushy atmosphere. If your business operates locally, use a local phone number – those have a higher response rate.

8.     Compare with Your Competitors

Get well informed about your competitors, their landing pages, and keywords. Analyze all gathered data and figure out what strategies are working for them and where they’re coming up short. Once you know your competitors, bid on their keywords or rework ads to target the visitors’ mutual to both yours and the competitors’ site.

Learn from your competitors’ mistakes and improve on their best strategies. Online marketing is a brutal environment, so best keep the competition on their toes!

Give Your Business a Boost

Follow all of the above advice and you’ll undoubtedly reap greater sales and traffic. To summarize: optimize your keywords, think bigger, offer great value, adjust your campaign to your customers, and be mindful of the competition.

The strategies we presented here are very effective. Once you see the benefits, it will be hard to imagine you could take your company even further, but you truly can – contact Desert Dog Marketing, and we’ll help you do just that.

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