Does Going Private On Twitter Increase Engagement? Find Out Here.

The algorithms of social media are ever changing. Just within the first month of 2023, there is a strange happening on Twitter. It has come to the attention of a majority of Twitter users that going private may increase their engagement! 

However, this is not the only new addition to the platform since Elon Musk acquired Twitter. Many users of the platform brought up that they see more tweets from people they don’t follow. They complained that the For You section of the app showcased content from people they haven’t heard of. Fast forward to February 2023 –  Ian Miles Cheong, one of Twitter’s most influential users, shattered the Twitter-verse with unbelievable findings.

He aimed to test the theory that going private might increase your engagement on the platform. The result: a whopping 5x increase in engagement! This prompted Elon Musk himself to test this theory. After going private on Twitter for a few hours, the platform’s owner tweeted out his findings and future plans.

What do you think of these findings? Will you utilize this until it gets fixed? Share your thoughts below!

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