12 Ways To Crush It With Facebook Ads

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Facebook ads are a hugely powerful tool, even though they can often be ignored by users. That means, if you want to benefit the most out of Facebook ads, you’ll need to dig into the precious layer of customers hiding among the multitudes.

Facebook users number in the billions, that’s a lot of potential clients ! The tricky part is honing in on the likely to covert users while bypassing the less interested crowd.

Here we will present the methods you should employ in your Facebook campaign, irrespective of the offer.

1.     Find the Right Audience

When targeting Facebook ads, you need to know what audience you’re going after. Don’t show the same ads to people who don’t know your company and to customers who’ve already engaged with your business. We at Desert Dog Marketing always recommend fine-tuning your messages for the level of familiarity the customers have with your product or service.

Separate potential customers into three groups: those who never heard of you, those who know you exist, but aren’t regular clients, and already loyal customers. Adjust your message to every group and aim to bring them closer to a purchase. We would suggest care and patience – taking the time to warm up potential customers will yield more significant results in the long run.

2.     Segment Your Buyer List

You can create lookalike audiences when you upload your buyer list to Facebook. But don’t make just one. Segment your buyer list into tiers, based on the number of purchases – people who bought something once don’t have the same relationship with your company as returning customers.

Once you have several lookalike audiences, advertise custom offers to every group by their spending habits, and watch your sales soar.

3.     Location, Location, Location

You can make Facebook ads focus on locations in a broader or narrower circle. Consider if you need to focus on specific language zones, countries, city areas, or even your neighborhood. Your focus will depend on what you’re offering: content creation will most likely benefit from a language limit. On the other hand, an offline hardware store will profit from limiting by city or even a couple of blocks.

Focus on relevant locations and save your money and overall investment for areas that’ll bring more sales. This way, you’ll create more opportunities with customers who are likely to purchase your products or services.

4.     Go for the Whole Generation

Targeting by age should only be the first step when you market for the intended demographic. To make your marketing placement more specific, we suggest creating offers that appeal to a whole generation. Then, go even further: tailor your campaign by interests, income, work, and education of your audience. If you know what generation you’re going for, you can also adjust your messages and use keywords or popular terms that resonate with your target.

5.     Engage the Competitor’s Audience

Your starting point in Facebook advertising should be your competitors. Find other businesses with similar offers and start advertising to their audience, since they’re already looking for what you’re selling. To create new clients, or even migrate them from a competitor to you, you’ll have to make sure that your offer is better than rival offers.

When it comes to healthy competition, you’ll want to stop at targeting the competitor’s audience. Desert Dog Marketing advises against badmouthing other offers through your campaign, as that could do your company more harm than good and isn’t considered fair play.

6.     Target Life Events

People regularly advertise important life events on Facebook, and when something significant happens, it’s the perfect time for you to present them with a new offer. After a life-changing event, such as marriage, landing a job, or having a child, people tend to change their spending habits, so target those events to create new opportunities.

You can maximize your efficiency when targeting significant life events by adjusting your messages to appeal to specific situations. We would do it by creating ad variants related to starting a new job or managing a household better. This way, you can ensure not only to reach potential customers but also to grab their attention.

7.     Find Out how Tech-savvy the Audience Is

Relative to how technical your product or service is, you’ll get better results by advertising to audiences of a specific level of technical knowledge. Don’t waste time and money by promoting a highly specialized product to an audience that doesn’t want anything to do with it or doesn’t know how to use it.

Use specific parameters to separate the audiences: consider if they’re early or late adopters and if they use a modern or derelict email service. These parameters will help you to further focus on the right kind of customers.

8.     Appeal to Prolific Spenders

You can create audiences of those who’ve previously used the Facebook payment system. People who are already spending money through Facebook will, naturally, be more likely to make purchases with you, so targeting them is a given.

9.     Know Where Your Clients Are Going

Traveling patterns can be a good hint about what kind of offers you need to present to an audience. Consider where and when your target audience travels, as well as how often and by what means of transport. Then, select specific types of travelers based on how your product or service relates to their patterns and create custom ad messages to appeal to them.

10.  Create Loyal Customers

Once you’ve earned a customer, you need to make sure their purchase isn’t a one-time deal. Do this by placing all single-purchase customers in a custom audience and send them relevant content. Explain how they can make the most out of doing business with you and using your products.

Dessert Dog Marketing pro tip: your focus should be exclusively on customer satisfaction at this point, not on landing a new sale!

Present the audience with a new purchase offer only after you determine whether they’ve warmed up to your messages – then you’ll make sales and create loyal customers at the same time.

11.  Use Your Email List to the Maximum

Analyze the patterns of your email opens. Is there a subgroup interested in a particular type of email, or one that doesn’t open your mail at all?

Create custom audiences based on what kind of content they prefer and fine-tune the emails to suit them best. Try to attract people who don’t even open the mail by presenting your hardest-hitting offers to them!

12.  Optimize Your Offer

A crucial part of your marketing campaign is always the quality of your message. If you don’t present your offer the best way possible, all other efforts won’t make a difference, and your ads won’t be successful.

We would make sure the messages are as finely targeted as your overall campaign. This way, you’ll create the impression that you understand your clients’ needs and what you offer is custom-tailored for them.

All of the tips and tricks we’ve shown you here will create a significant improvement in your Facebook campaign. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg – if you want to take your marketing even further, contact Desert Dog Marketing and we’ll help you reach the top.

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